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June 16 at 9:24 AM
A Man and A Message

I was fortunate the other day to happen upon a televised conference of a Scottish minister speaking to a group of American ministers. His message was from the Book of Ephesians. He was alone on the stage. There were no elaborate decorations, plants, banners, nor lights. No praise team preceded him, either. This man came out with a message.

He asked very simple questions to the hundreds of people quietly and intently listenting to his words. And his words were God's Word. His questions reflected a heart that did not care whether he was impressing those in attendance. He was only concerned that he was expressing the Truth.

The questions were simple. One was..."do we, as the church, care that our Lord is happy with us?". Another one was..."when was the last time you spent in prayer for the lost in your city?". And the one that pierced me was..."do I know that God's call to His people is for worship and prayer, and have I lost my first love?"

He elaborated on each answer. This Scottish minister who compared American church services to the Book of Ephesians. He did not compare it to other churches but to the Word of God. His message was to bring this group of people to answer to the Word.

I cried. Such a simple message but it had something that I had not felt in a long time. The powerful influence of the Holy Spirit upon the man with the message. He just talked. He talked as though he was in the room with me. He talked TO me.

In this 45 minute message, I heard again what the church needs to hear. Are we desiring to make our Lord happy with our lives? Do we care more for the lost than our own needs? Do we we still love to open God's Word, hear His Voice, and give time to the Holy Spirit to transform us?

After his message, the man simply walked off stage. it impressed me because he seemed to know that the Author and the Finisher...the Holy Spirit...had been in charge. The man had delievered His Message.

Charlotte Roberts Fortier