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Unit of
After His Mom Had Tucked Him In

The prayer
After his Mom had tucked him in, and gone back down the stairs,
The little boy slipped out of bed, and knelt to say his prayers;
His Mom stopped halfway down the stairs, barely able to hear,
Quietly she crept back up the stairs, silently drawing near;
She stood just outside his door, listening to every word,
But the more she listened, the more her heart was broken by what she heard;
Something deep inside her made her want to run away,
But her feet would not obey her mind, something made her stay;
As her son continued to pray, she thought she heard him cry,
Then reaching for her handkerchief, she wiped a tear from her eye;
Her little boy, just five years old, was weeping as he prayed,
Saying, Lord, my Daddy’s not home again, I guess he got delayed;
He sure does get delayed a lot, he’s never home at night,
And Lord I get so scared each time Mommy and Daddy fight;
Lord, it sometimes seems as if I don’t even have a Dad,
And maybe it’s all my fault Lord, maybe I’m just bad;
I’ve heard him tell my Mommy he never wanted a kid,
Lord is it because of something I said, or something that I did?
He says if it weren’t for me, he and Mom could get along,
So Lord, will You forgive me for whatever I’ve done wrong?
Lord, You know I love them both, and Lord, I love You too,
But I don’t want to live like this, will You tell me what to do?
I want them to be happy Lord, the way it used to be,
‘Cause Daddy said he was happy before Mommy had me;
Lord, I’ve heard that You answer prayer, so will You answer mine?
Just take me on to Heaven, then Mom and Dad will be fine;
His Mother stood there trembling, as her tears fell to the floor,
Weeping uncontrollably, just outside his door;
With a broken heart and quivering hands she started to go in,
Then suddenly there was silence, after Tommy said, Amen;
She waited a few moments more, listening for any sound,
Then a still small voice came, but no one was around;
Barely opening the door, she saw the brightest light,
Brighter than the noonday sun, but it was near midnight;
I’ve come to get you Tommy, the still small voice said,
His mother screamed in terror, hurrying to his bed;
Tommy lay there silent, his hands folded on his breast,
A smile upon his cherub face, as if in a peaceful rest;
The glow from Tommy’s nightlight was the only light that shone,
The still small voice, the light from Heaven, and Tommy’s soul were gone;
Be careful all you Moms and Dads, in everything you do,
Take heed to every word you say, for your child is watching you.

2018 Arvil Jones