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Before We Were Born

Before we were born
God blessed us with the wind
that moves through the trees.
He blessed us all with the
chorus of a babbling brook,
and its beauty as it sparkles
in the summer sunshine.
He gives His children the
smell of a summer rainstorm,
and His Promise that we will find in
the rainbow that always follows.
He gives us the magic of a sunrise
so we can bear witness to His smile,
and the beauty of a sunset
so we can all learn how
to kiss goodnight.
Our stories were written
before we were born,
and entered into the Book of Life
when we took our first breath.
The faith that we carry in our hearts
is as strong as the Glory of the Lord Himself.
He will smile as we enjoy the beautry
of the summer sunshine.
Feel blessed as we bow our heads in prayer,
Laugh as we're soaked in the rain,
and feel blessed as the Glory of a sunset
all but takes our breath away.
Our lives were joined with His
as our books were written,
and as each page is turned
He smiles knowing what has been,
as well as what is yet to come.

~Kate~ 2014