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Drawn To The Light
Father in Heaven, You were right (of course You always are) when You said in the last days iniquity "will abound and the love of many will wax cold." O GOD, let me not be in that number of neither abounding in error, nor in allowing Your love in my heart that burns like a candle, to go out. O, help us GOD to burn even brighter in the darkness, so many will be drawn to the Light, to You!
Father, I'm afraid! I know when we stand before You (which could be when we least expect it), You won't talk to us about the deeds we did, but the motives behind them. You won't reward us for using our talents or for passing out gifts; but You will pass out rewards to us for treating people always better than they deserve; for loving when we had every reason to hate;
for enduring with longsuffering, those who have earned nothing
but judgement and oppression.

Father, You told me we lost our rights at the foot of The Cross; so help us, Your children, to fear You as we should; then we will have no need to fear anything, or anyone else. When we come to the realistic finality of our lives while bowing before You, our Great and Holy GOD, You will be concerned with one thing, and one thing only, How well did we love?

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin right before midnight 05-13-18