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for Jesus
Dawn Gwin aka
Psalma Mama
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Another Project of Dawn Gwin aka Psalma Mama
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Tears fall from my eyes
until the love I feel transcends
from tears to indescribable joy
as I hold Your promises close in my heart.
I long to see your smile as I praise Your Name,
as the strength of Your compassionate spirit
envelopes itself around me.
Lying here in the safety of Your God given Peace,
commiting to memory
the miracles found in Your abiding love,
that linger in my tender dreams,
I draw a God given peace in Your strength.
Lord, transcend my heart
from whats in this world
to a life everlasting in Your Blessed company.
Take me as I am Father God,
Let loose in me my committed service
allow me to feel again of the depths of YOUR love
then listen as I whisper,
"there will always be more."