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Dawn Gwin aka
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First Love

I came upon a stumbling block
while walking through the woods
I tripped and fell, scrapped my heart
and soothed it best I could!

But somewhere in the forest green
a Light of great repose
was aware of all my bruises, my secret whims and woes

The shattered memories brought with pain
and crushes left to die
Young sayings left in piles of ashes
from tongues that alibi
I seachered and sought through all the years
and people here and there
I thought might take my cares away
and love with them I’d share.

So here I stood before a Man-a Prince
so full of grace
Strong and wise, so wonderful and glorious was His face

I knew at once there had not been,
nor could there be another
Shaking, filling...lost and found
this God, my life discovered
First love.

Susan Cunningham