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Dawn Gwin aka
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Did you ever wonder if God cries
when we turn our heads away
and we do not see the light
that He has given to light our day?

Do you think a tear is in His eye
when we forget what He is about,
or that He feels a broken heart
when we try to shut Him out?

I have wondered if when a man
turns his heart away from God,
if God feels a scalding tear drop
from the footsteps gone untrod?

Does God lovingly grieve for us
and ponder all our loss,
when He knows what Jesus did for us
as He died upon the Cross?

When Noah built the ark,
he surely didn't know
that so many lives would be lost
because of many saying no.

Before the floods were in their midst
God gave them all a chance.
Our Father's emotions thundered wildly
as they turned away from His stance.

God never wants His created to go
to a place of distant evil torment.
His loving heart breaks in two
when His precious ones will not repent.

Jesus may be coming soon
and God wants us to understand
that this is the perfect time to give
sweet Jesus our repentant hand.

It's a time to think on what God has done.
His heart broke as He gave His only Son.
Our awesome God let Him die for you and me,
so when we die we may be instantly set free.

Such a simple little task to say yes,
such an easy thing to do.
Father forgive our sins right now
and please help us to always be true.

Now we accept You in our lives.
Bowing before your throne with tears in our eyes.
We thank You for our wonderful salvation
and that You have heard our heartfelt cry.

Nancy Carico Dittert
Copyright ©2006