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Dawn Gwin aka
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by Charlotte Roberts Fortier for God's Glory

I'm so glad I found you...
I've been looking high and low.
I called and called but you did not hear Me,
But, I couldn't let you go.

I sent ahead My Messenger
So that He could speak My Truth,
I searched and searched for you, My child
To give to you New Birth.

Every day I saw you,
But I was hidden from your view.
I'd send My love in every possible way,
To prove My Love was true.

And then one day you heard Me,
You received my Love by grace.
You ran to My Arms with your heart opened wide.
And I wrapped you in Mercy's embrace.

Oh, I'm so glad I found you.
I now look for you day by day.
To come to My Pasture where you will be fed,
It is for this that I made the Way.

Charlotte Roberts Fortier