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for Jesus
Dawn Gwin aka
Psalma Mama
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Another Project of Dawn Gwin aka Psalma Mama
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Jesus, Savior, Master

Jesus, You welcome the weary,
The burdened, the lost and the faint.
Your heart never closes nor turns away,
As You love both sinner and saint.

The heartache this world is so full of,
With the tragedies and hearts so cold.
We need to hear of Your merciful grace,
And reach others who have not been told.

Jesus, we need to come to You,
And read in Your wonderful Word,
How You hear us and live to pray for us,
So that doubt will not live in our hearts.

Savior, we need to be praying,
That the dead hearts of men will revive.
Help us to love as You first loved us,
Give us words full of glory and life.

Master, help us lead others to Your heart,
Grant us power to stand and proclaim,
That Salvation is found in no other,
And bring honor to Your holy Name.

By Charlotte Roberts Fortier