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Lord, My Praise to You Today

Lord, my praise to You today is from Psalms 144...

You are my Rock, O Lord, so solid and strong.
You, the Warrior, teach me to fight so that I can overcome all wrong.
Your Love is so steadfast and my Fortress You are,
I bless You, my Lord and Shield Who lifts me high and far,
Above every threat and wicked lie the enemy in his rage,
Rants at me to try and snare me from the path You have made.
But, I look to You, I call on You, I sing to You my song,
And like David of old, I rejoice with praises that keep my heart ever strong.
Bless You, Lord, Who has given me salvation from the hurtful sword.
I honor You, I worship You, my Savior and my Lord.

Charlotte Roberts Fortier