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Mississippi Bridge

Today I learned a lesson from the Mississippi Bridge,
While standing underneath it on a mud covered ledge:
And although I could see debris on it's way downstream,
I could not change the direction of its flow, by any means.
I could not stop what was coming or going right past me;
Nor could I make it return at all: this was all quite humbling!
I thought of the opportunities GOD has given me to take a chance;
Like "water under the bridge": we can't recapture circumstance.
I thought of my life: of the debris drifting down my bay;
And also of the debris I may have passed on in some way.
What a sober & somber reality check I got today:
That once this water goes under the bridge, I cannot bid it stay!
Help me Lord to make the most of every day there is:
Knowing at evening, that day is like water under the bridge.