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Morning in Paradise

Asleep, I fell~my heart was still for moments
As He kept my life in slumber~waiting
A shower came to wash my spirit clean from dust of earth When love became the Keeper to waken with new worth
I saw with eyes of wonder the Savior standing near
“Arise and come~it’s morning~it’s fresh, and bright, and clear”

My body was not anything like it was before
And beautiful the kingdom He gave me to explore
Adam, there ~was smiling, as were the saints in white
So wonderful the precious Lamb who bathed us all in light
I gazed upon the glory
“It’s true” I heard my voice exclaim “just as we were told”.

Bowing low and feeling joy beyond anything explained
“Majesty, My King, My Lord~forever shall You reign!”
As angels sang and crowns were placed
Upon the raptured crowd
Faces saw the nail pierced hands that rose
From ‘neath His shroud
The children that had overcome
Who sought and won the prize
Now live eternal, safe with Jesus
Home in Paradise.

Susan Cunningham. 1998