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Set Yourself Free

If you are one of those who wants to be loved so badly by someone who is jealous of you, or just won't love you, set yourself free.

Ask The Lord to deliver you from secret faults and act accordingly. If they reject you by their actions, respect them enough to keep your distance as much as is possible. Jesus said, "Love your enemies." They may not be your enemy, but you are obviously theirs!!

Stop looking to them to meet your need for love and acceptance: it's not happening! They are missing out on what could be a close lifetime relationship, but, if they forfeit it, move on and ask GOD to meet that deep inner longing you have, and He will.

In Psalm 106, "He satisfies the longing soul." Verse 10 To those who repented to Him and turned from their sin, "He saved them from the hand of him who hated them, and redeemed them from the hand of the enemy.