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The Boy Who Found His Gift

The little boy knew he wasn't loved right from the start
He was "in the way" and everyday, you could tell, it broke his heart
He had no special ability to do anything real good;
Which made him go unnoticed even more up in the hood.
He began to lie and to say, "Look Mother what I drew."
His Mother took no time for praise, but scolded him, for she knew
He could not have drawn that, he didn't even trace it good:
When the boy was older, he even tried to burn things in wood.
Someone got him a wood burning kit, the boy really tried
To make his work look good, but, what he did looked fried.
He grew up doing many things to try to get attention:
The behavior that got him noticed also got him in detention.
The boy told a joke one day that made the people laugh:
He finally felt like a whole person, not like just a half.
From that day on, the boy checked out many library books
All of them on “jokes” and when he told them, he would get looks.
It made the boy so happy he could make the people smile
He could even make his parents laugh which made it “all worthwhile.”
Later in years when the boy grew up, got saved and met The Lord,
GOD showed him the gift He planted in him that was written in His Word:
In first Corinthians Chapter Twelve and in Verse twenty-eight,
GOD showed the boy he had the gift of “helps:” he thought that was “great!”
If all you can do is make people smile, and think "that’s no big thing:”
Think again, because that gift was given to you by The King!

By Dawn Cronk Gwin