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Father GOD, Good Morning!
Thank You for waking the sunshine, the rooster, the sweet birds I hear singing,
and thank You for opening my ears to hear these beautiful sounds!
Thank You for the fresh mercies that are ours today!
Thank You for loading us up with benefits galore;
You are completing, every day, what You began in our lives; You won't leave us today, not once; in fact, we won't even see Your shadow
while You look the other way.
Your grace is empowering us to please You, to be willing to listen to what
You have to say.
Thank You also for Your guardian angels that keep watch over us. Though unseen,
they move at Your bidding on our behalf and bless us in ways we know not of;
but I know they do and for that I thank You Father!
Thank You for my Facebook Friends & Family! For them and
for those who happen by,
I pray You give me words in due season to help them on this journey called life.

In Jesus' Name, Thank You for hearing and for answering!
What a good, kind, loving, compassionate Father You are!! Amen

GOD’s grace in Dawn Gwin 05-12-18